Program: Monday 20th

11:00-23:00 - Interaction - Unfinished Interaction - Unfinished is a one-day event on interaction in arts, larp and entertainment.

During daytime, they host a series of creators of interactive pieces, who in 15 minutes will tell their story about an idea that became a piece.

In the afternoon, some of the pieces will be showcased, either in full or as a shorter showcase version. All program items are also open for those who have not attended the talks as long as there’s room.

17:00 Video installation: The Zeigarnik Effect by Brody Condon Kulturhuset (boksen), Youngstorget

18:30 Larp: Art Larp Art by Hanne Grasmo Kulturhuset (lab), Youngstorget

18:30/20:00 Immersive experience: The 8th Palace by Cesar Alvarez and Nina Runa Essendrop Øvingshotellet, Schous plass

19:00 Workshop: Goddess of the Night by Nyxx / Albin Werle Deichmanske Bibliotek, Grünerløkka

21:30 Open movement concert: Lo Ersare Del av Laivdagene / Del av Interaction | Unfinished Deichmanske Bibliotek, Grünerløkka (Bar open throughout and after the concert) More information here.

Facebook page here.

12:00 – The hangout opens at Kampen Bydelshus.

17:00 – Larp: Screwing the crew (queer edition). Organizers: Trine Lise Lindahl, Elin Nilsen and Tor Kjetil Edland

“Screwing the crew is a larp about an open-minded group of friends. They go way back, and a lot of them have been in relationships. Open relationships are the norm rather than monogamous ones. This is the story of the friends today, with flashbacks played out during the larp to give a backstory.

The larp has been run several times before across the world, but this time there’s a twist: For Week-In there will be two runs, one for female-identifying players, and one for male. What happens when a queer circle of friends meet for a dinner party and old rivalries and love rekindles?”

Sign-up for all female run.

Sign-up for all male run.

19:00 – Larp café at Kampen Bydelshus! There will be talks, entertainment, and general socializing.

Program: Tuesday 21st

09:00 – Edularp conference at Furuset bibliotek & aktivitetshus (sign-up coming!) NOTE: This is mostly for those of you who work in professions where larp might be a useful tool. There will be an alternate social program based out of Kampen Bydelshus at the same time.

15:00 – Larp: In Residency Organizer: Lizzie Stark

“In Residency is a short, live action American Freeform game for 10-16 players about the relationship between trauma and art, and about the weird atmosphere of artists’ colonies, where intensely personal daily work rubs up against a claustrophobic cocktail-party environment at night. Brython: it’s where we’re all alone together.

For residents at this elite artists’ colony, Brython represents the chance to live full time as their most secret selves, ignoring everything but their sacred drive to elevate the soul through art. By day, they make art in the beautiful surroundings of a fully staffed mansion, transforming their dark pasts into beauty. By night, they live in a fishbowl of observation and unresolved sexual tension. Will they overcome impostor syndrome to work on the projects they said they would? Will their off-colony relationship survive? Or will it all degenerate into Bacchanalia?”

Sign-up for In Residency

19:00 – Larp café at Kampen Bydelshus! There will be talks, entertainment, and general socializing.

Program: Wednesday 22nd

10:00 (and onwards) – Hangout at Kampen Bydelshus.

12:00 – Larp: Playing the Cards (Skam edition!) Event page

“Play the Cards is a larp about being a teenager, about fitting in, and about knowing your place in the hierarchy. You’re in high school; you know who you are, what your social position is and, most importantly, who you want to be. This is your first real house party. No parents. It’s the important party where everyone shows up and anything might happen.

The gist of this larp is to give the players the opportunity to re-live both the good and bad feelings of their teen years, to see the situation from different perspectives and most of all: to remember when emotions and the small events of everyday teen life were the most important things in the whole wide world.

Skam! The playstyle will be based on what is seen in the Norwegian TV-series. If you haven’t watched it, don’t despair – there will be a workshop beforehand. Some characters will be merged with persons from the show, and there will be plenty of opportunity for SMS-gaming.”

Sign-up for Playing the Cards, Skam Edition!

13:00-16:00 - Playing with methods Deichmanske Library, Grünerløkka

Playing with methods is a collaborative method for testing ideas, exercises or mechanics. The basic premiss is that we don’t discuss ideas, we try them out and then evaluate. Everyone can bring ideas to be tested and everyone are free to elaborate on or taking the ideas in new directions. The event will be facilitated by Nina Runa Essendrop.

18:00 Kampen Bydelshus closes! The Oslo public library is where we’ll gather everyone. (See below).

19:00Nordic Larp Talks at the Oslo public library in the city centre.

Afterwards: Launch party for “Once upon a Nordic larp… 20 years of playing stories”, Knutebook 2017. Bar closes at 23:00, we have to be out of the premises at 00:00