Interaction | Unfinished

What is Interaction | Unfinished?

Interaction Unfinished is a one-day event on interaction in arts, larp and entertainment.

Daytime, we have short stories told by creators of interactive pieces

Nighttime, we have “tasting pieces” where you can experience or more interactive pieces

When and where?

February 20th, Kulturhuset Lab, Youngstorget 3, Oslo. The program starts at 11:00, with talks ending around 16:30 and the pieces from 17:00 to around 23:00.


Free, but you need to reserve some. Please don’t do so if you are not planning an coming.


All stories are at Kulturhuset Lab. The experiences are at different venues. See below for a description of the individual stories/experiences, chech out our facebook event, or just have a look at our flyer.

Short Stories

Opening: Why interaction? - Martin Nielsen

The Dinner Party - Anna Karin Linder

The Art Brain - Magnar Grønvik Müller

Collectively Creating Interaction - Albin Werle

Pretending to be homeless - Yauheniya Siadova

Help! It’s a laiv! - Mona Solhaug and Trine Falch

Larping Into a Museum - Jaakko Stenros

Lions vs Children - Assalah Zagha

The Lowland Clearances - James Harper

Getting Americans to Touch Each Other - Johanna Koljonen and Bjarke Pedersen

Musical Theater of the Future - César Alvarez


If enough space, we will admit people not participating at Interaction Unfinished to the experiences.

17:00-19:00 @ Kulturhuset, Boksen (drop-in): The Zeigarnic Effect by Brody Condon

18:30-20:00 @ Kulturhuset, Lab (drop-in): Art Larp Art by Hanne Grasmo

18:30 and 20:00 @ Øvingshotellet: The 8th Palace by Nina Runa Essendrop and Cesar Alvarez

19:30-21:00 @ Deichmanske Grünerløkka (drop-in): The Goddess of the Night by Albin Werle / Nyxxx

21:30-late @ Deichmanske Grünerløkka: Open Movement Concert - Lo Ersare

Bar open throughout and after the concert

More about the program items

THE DINNER PARTY - Anna-Karin Linder

In 2016 Swedish Radio broadcast the radio drama The Dinner Party. Three couples celebrated New Years together – an evening ending in disaster. The fiction was improvised on site in a Stockholm apartment, scripted as a larp for 6 players. And the show told one story. But listeners can download the script for the larp, the characters and the instructions and re-tell the story, creating their own drama.

Anna-Karin Linder is the game designer who created the framework The Dinner Party unfolded within. She will tell the story of how the show was created.

THE ART BRAIN - Magnar Grønvik Müller


PLAYING WITH THE CITY - Yauheniya Siadova

How does your city look at you? When you smile at strangers, when you ask them for a sigarette or what the time is, will it look at you in another way if you are dressed and behaving differently than you normally do?

We Are Citizens is a larp that was created by Yauheniya Siadova, Sasha Franskevich and Nadja Trutniova. It was created to counteract how the homeless are seen as an invisible problem in Belarus, and to give players the experience of living in a city where, according to the state, there is no such problem as homelessness. The players spent one day roaming the streets of Minsk in the rain, and Yauheniya will tell us about some of their stories and how they worked to make the invisible, visible.

“Do you know where you are going to sleep tonight? Do you know where and what you will eat during the day?

Not everyone does. What would it be like for you, to walk a day in their shoes?

To try experiencing how your city looks at you differently?”

HELP, IT’S A LAIV! - Mona Solhaug and Trine Falch

Help, it’s a laiv! was a performance/larp hybrid located at the main stage of the National Theatre in Oslo during Monsters of Reality/Ibsen Festival. Actors, larpers, extras, audience and members of the Red Cross participated in a fictional emergency situation.

We are trapped inside a room that the bourgeoisie built to stage their problems, which always took place on stage. Nowadays the whole house seems staged and problems might pop up anywhere. When the problems reach the auditorium, the audience are no longer themselves.

Help, it’s a laiv was initiated by the group formerly known as Publikum. Trine Falch, Mona Solhaug, BK Wallström belong to the experimental theatre scene, with background in i.a. the performance collective Baktruppen.


In January 2017 the Finnish Museum of Games opened. Unlike most game museums around the world, this does not include just digital games, but also board games, card games, even role-playing games. Indeed, it is the first one to include even larp in its collection. Learn the story and philosophy behind the newly opened museum.

Jaakko Stenros (PhD) is a game and play researcher at the Game Research Lab (University of Tampere). Stenros is a popular lecturer in and outside academia on topics ranging from the design of fictional stories for real-world environments to approaching gamification through the prism of playfulness.

He is currently working on understanding and documenting adult play and uncovering the aesthetics of social play, but his research interests include norm-defying play, role-playing games, pervasive games, and playfulness. His work has received many awards, most recently a prize for the best dissertation of the year at the University of Tampere.


Palestine is a complex society with a diverse population, with differences between tradition and progression increasing, all under the marginalization of communities in the shadow of oppression. Armed with the story about a hungry lion and a group of resourceful animals, Palestinian larpers have introduced larp as a way of creating meeting spaces for children from marginalized areas to interact with both each other and others in ways they normally would not.

“The Lion’s larp” is a larp about solving tasks and problems to reach a common goal, and in the process, be allowed to let loose and interact in a setting where borders and norms created by society are less important. Assalah Zagha will tell the story about how the Lions larp was received by over 500 children, and what both the kids and the adults took away from the project.

Assalah Zagha is a Palestinian interpreter and translator who works in development and politics, as well as an activist in the youth activities in Palestine. She entered the Palestinian larp scene two years ago, to make a difference in the Palestinian community in a unique way.


Early 2016 Jamie Harper presented a larp at Camden People’s Theatre in London. The Lowland Clearances was about the changing landscape of the city and the political games that continue to shape it.

The landscape of theatre is political, with the ‘fourth wall’ supposedly separating the spaces of artists and spectators, but larp does things differently.

And theatre has shown itself to be open to larp.

Jamie Harper is a theatre director, acting teacher and drama researcher based in London. He trained as a theatre director at LAMDA and is a previous winner of the JMK Directors’ Award and the National Theatre Cohen Bursary.

In 2013 he received a Winston Churchill Trust Travelling Fellowship to study the merger of drama and games at the University of Miami. Alongside his work as a theatre maker and his emerging larp design practice, Jamie works as a teacher of acting in vocational drama training and university contexts, and is currently undertaking a practice-based PhD on play, drama and culture at Newcastle University. MAKING AMERICANS TOUCH EACH OTHER Johanna Koljonen and Bjarke Pedersen


The American Theater is at a tipping point where emerging audiences are hungry for physically engaged, interactive, emergent and social theater. For years immersive theater pieces have sold out in New York, but many of those works only scratch the surface of what is possible in terms of player agency, integration of technology and meaningful interaction.

The Universe is a Small Hat is a 100-player narrative game that tells the story of a space colony leaving earth to form a new society. In his talk César will discuss the experience of bringing nordic larp into his art practice, and what theater and nordic larp might have to learn from one another in this emerging moment.

César Alvarez is a New York-based composer, lyricist, and writer. His work focuses on the intersection of music, narrative and participatory media. César has written four full-length musicals, released four albums with his band The Lisps, and composed scores for contemporary dance, plays and film.

His musical FUTURITY received the 2016 Lucille Lortel Award for Outstanding Musical, four other Lortel Nominations, and the 2016 Off-Broadway Alliance award for Best New Musical. César also has received two Drama Desk Nominations and a Jonathan Larson Award. In development: The Universe is a Small Hat, a multi-player participatory musical and The Eighth Palace, a hyper-sensory immersive ritual.

César is a Visiting Associate Professor at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia and the Artistic Director of Polyphone, a festival of the emerging musical at UArts. He is a graduate of Oberlin Conservatory and received his MFA at Bard College.

THE ZEIGARNIK EFFECT - Video installation - Brody Condon @Kulturhuset, Boksen

ART LARP ART - Larp - Hanne Grasmo @Kulturhuset LAB

THE EIGHTH PALACE - Immersive Experience – Nina Runa Essendrop and Cesar Alvarez @Øvingshotellet, Schous plass

This is the story of the beings who have yet to emerge. The slow expanding of their sensorium into awareness of themselves and the abundant energies that surround them.

This is the story of the beings who have yet to emerge. The beings who were nothing and in no place. Only blankness waiting to be brought into life.

This is the story of their emergence, life and dissolution.

The Eighth Palace is a participatory, nordic larp-inspired and multi-sensory experience which tells the story of The Beings who have yet to emerge, that were nothing and in no place. It is designed by Nina Runa Essendrop and César Alvarez, and was created as a developmental residency at the NYU Playwrights Horizons Theater School.

The Eighth Palace will be hosted during the evening, Monday February 20th, as a part of Interaction Unfinished.

Nina Runa Essendrop is a Danish larp designer with a strong focus on movement, sensory experiences and the meaning of physical action. She has a masters degree in theater, dance and performance studies, has designed and produced several blackbox larps, and in her work she is collaborating with several artists both in Europe and the United States.

THE GODDESS OF THE NIGHT - Workshop – Albin Werle @Deichmanske bibliotek, Grünerløkka

“Our hands are the first part of our bodies that reach for the unknown. They make the world around us tangible and palpable. They are responsible for direct action and for gentle touch. They engage in the world and let us reach out and touch other’s hands. Nattens Gudinna (Goddess of the Night) is non-dramatic and game-like.

Both Goddess of the Night and its precursor Tactical Meditations could be seen as collections of smaller games. Some of which will be showcased during the evening.”

Albin Werle is a visual artist and a member of the Nyxxx collective. He is currently doing his masters degree at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. His work consists of formulating real and imaginary games in a variety of materials, ranging from ceramics and 3D-printing to choreography and conversations.

Exploring the esthetics of interaction and asking how artists, activists and philosophers can turn into game designers, he seeks to merge the “art world” with the “game world”.

Nattens Gudinna (Goddess of the Night) is written to be performed in a traditional theatre institution. In their work, the art collective Nyxxx focus on utilizing non-hierarchical collaborations internally, and strive to invite the workers of the institution and the participants in the performance to take part in formulating its content.

OPEN MOVEMENT CONCERT - Concert – Lo Ersare @Deichmanske bibliotek, Grünerløkka

“A movement experiment stretching over artforms where we celebrate human expressions through improvisation.

Musician Lo Ersare (SWE) gives a workshop with vocal electronic improvisations where the audience react to the music through movement and body contact.

The resonance in the music becomes electrical synapses, that control the nervous system and overtakes the physical body.”

Lo Ersare is a Copenhagen based vocalist, composer and multi artist from Umeå (Sweden). She is active within contemporary and improvised art, forms. She works with cross-over performances focusing on connecting improvised music with movement, theatre and video graphic notation.

In the evening on February 20 she will lead us through a workshop with vocal electronic improvisations where the audience react to the music through movement and body contact.

A movement experiment stretching over artforms where we celebrate human expressions through improvisation.