Week in Norway


The official program for Week-In begins Monday February 20th. In addition, there will be possibilities for socializing in the weekend of 17-19th. For those interested in taking part in something coordinated in this period, please contact Jørn at [email protected]. The program will be updated continuously, so drop by every now and then to get the latest additions!


A Week In Norway will have its main hangout-area at Kampen Bydelshus, a 30-minute walk from Oslo central station. Here, there will be snacks, coffee and tea available, as well as a selection of roleplaying- and boardgames. We will also provide a “menu” of tourist stops and other activities that can be done in Oslo during this period. Some of these might cost money, but there will always be something to do for free, as well. We hope that you want to come and socialize with us, in addition to joining the rest of the program for Week-In!

Can I join?

Yes, of course you can! Please fill out this form, so we know that you’re coming.