Time Labyrinth

Saturday night grand party

We want you to explore time and space through the labyrinth of larp. Dress to impress and to show us your inner time traveler! Do you miss your character from That Larp and need the perfect excuse to be them one more time? Are you a star from the silent movies era? Were you ever stranded in time amongst cavemen? Is the future a dystopic wasteland? Or did “Barbarella” get it right, and the people of the future dress in plastic and tin foil?

Pick your favorite historical era, larp character, or futuristic vision, and show us where and when you belong. Anything is allowed – both real and imaginary time and space.

During the party we will open the great and mystical space known as the time labyrinth of larp!

Do you know something about the future?

If we are to travel through time, we also need some samples of what is to come. This means you can get to present your larp inside our labyrinth!

Would you like to show of the magic of your larp in the labyrinth? Space is limited, both in numbers and area. The showrooms will be approximately 1,5m x 1,5m, and there will be about 10 available rooms. Send us an email and tell us about your idea!

Contact: [email protected]