Tickets & Payment

Regular tickets costs 2600 kr. You can also buy Crowdfunding tickets for 3700 kr and Professional tickets for 3900 kr. If you buy such a ticket, you make available one subsidized ticket for somebody with less money.

The tickets are sold via this link:

Tickets include the following if nothing else is stated:

  • Access to the conference.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner throughout the event (all meals are vegetarian).
  • A bed in a 3-person hotel room with private bathroom
  • The Knutepunkt book.

It is possible to get a ticket without acommodation at a reduced rate and to upgrade to a double room at a higher rate.

Payment in installments

If you are paying by bank transfer to a KP directly, or to a country contact, you are allowed to pay your Knutepunkt ticket in installments. Please use this option only if you need to, because it is extra paperwork for us.

You have to pay at least 25% of the ticket price in the first installment, and this payment must be in our account by October 10th.

You need to pay another 25% before the 10th each month until January. You can complete the downpayment faster if you want to.

In the payment form, register how much you have paid in today’s installment and how much remains. For example, if you have purchased a ticket for €290 and pay 25% today, you fill in the following:

Amount paid today: 72,5 EUR

Remaining amount to be paid: 217,5 EUR