The Totem

This is Norway. We are creating a totem of Knutepunkt. The totem will be sacrificed to the great gods of larp to bring prosperous creative times for another 20 years of storymaking.

What does the totem need? It needs your memories and your relics from past Knutepunkts and the passing of 20 years of Nordic larp. It could be a button from Solmukotha, the room key your forgot to return at Knudepunkt Denmark 2011, your nametag from 1999, a program pamphlet, a picture of the person who introduced you to Knutepunkt, that dried up lipstick you meant to return from that one hour room party in 2008, or maybe something you plan on submitting to next years program?

We will build it as a community and we will please the great gods of larp with our sacrifice.