Once Upon a Nordic Larp:
20 years of playing stories

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Twenty years is a long time. Long enough for legends to be created. Stories are told and retold and grow with each telling. The very act of telling a story goes in and out of fashion. Some believe that it has no place in larp, others that the whole point of larp is to make every single character the protagonist.

This year we asked writers from across the world of larp to tell us about stories. We gathered voices from a number of different traditions, many from traditional Nordic countries, but also from Eastern and Western Europe, Russia, and the Americas.

The book is split across three sections: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, and it interrogates the history of larp and nordic larp, considers how we are writing and playing stories today, and looks to the future.

We think it will be a fascinating and useful contribution to nordic larp discourse, that it is rather beautiful, and that you will enjoy it.